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Why Your Business Needs a Website

In recent times, having a website for your business has served as the first point of introduction between your business and your potential customer. Digitalization and the internet through the World Wide Web are making the connection between consumers and business owners easy and direct. 

For small and medium scale enterprise businesses, having a website also helps in branding and marketing efforts for revenue generation. Large business enterprises are not left out of the benefit that a website provides. Before proceeding to the actual building of a website, a careful thought process has to go into the website design. 

About Website Design

Delivering your business message in the simplest and most creative way helps to keep your target customers interested in your business. Branding and marketing professionals understand that customers need about five seconds to make a decision about your business. One of the focuses that helps this decision along is your website design. This plays a huge part in influencing the customer’s experience and possible continuity in patronage. 

Characteristics of A Good Website Design

A good website design packs some distinctive characteristics. For business branding and superior marketing activities, a good website design must be able to leave a lasting effect on the customer about your business. Here are characteristics of a good website design:

1.     Simplicity

Your business website should be what sets the tone with your customer about your business. If you are targeting customers in Edmonton, you should be able to provide simple information that connects with customers in Edmonton. This simplicity includes visual representation and brand presentation. To achieve this simplicity, your website design has to portray what you know your customers would like to know about your business.

A good website design makes it easy for customers to pinpoint the information they seek with little or less trouble.


2.     Visual Appeal 

Different websites online are constantly feeding your target customers with data. One of the major differences between a good website design and a bad one is how this data appeals to the customers. In this scenario, using good graphic design techniques with a perfect infusion of simplicity to create a visually pleasing presentation does the trick for your business. Using graphic design and images on your website can help you communicate thousands of words in a few second glance.

Using short video clips is another great alternative to creating visual appeal for your website design. You have to make sure that your videos and graphics are unique in order to stand out from the crowd. 


3.     Creativity

Consistency with your creativity when it comes to your website design is very important– however, you should avoid repetitiveness.  The responsiveness and creative content should highlight what your business is offering for better brand representation. Creative quality is part of the tools for driving your brand awareness on the internet. 

A good website design uses shape, form, texture, and images and balances it up in a harmonious way to solidify your business presence. Being creative with your website design attracts people’s attention to your website.


Benefits of Having A Website For Your Business


For different reasons, businesses create their own website to achieve different sets goals. However, business owners enjoy some central benefits when they create a website for their business. Here are some of the benefits of having a website for your business


1.      Revenue Generation: Generating prospects and leading them down the purchase funnel often begins with the business website. A website design that targets customers adds a call-to-action button at the very top and makes it visible to initiate customer purchase. This strategy leads to a boost in company revenue, which is beneficial to your business. Investing in a business website will help your organization generate more sales and reach target customers faster.


2.     Credibility: Creating a great website design gives you that extra advantage over your competition. It also offers your business online credibility where your target customers can find your business and understand the services you offer. Your business website is a reassuring tool that will put your customer’s minds at ease. It also helps to convert your potential loyal customers to real sales with the call to action button.


3.     Strong First Impression: A great website design that has creative touches and nice graphic illustration creates a strong first impression for your business. It also defines the tone with which your customers can relate to your brand. A strong impression is also useful in your marketing and branding campaign. Nothing promotes your business better than your own customers discussing the creativity of your brand.


4.     Information Exchange: Communication is key between your business and your target customer. If you wish to target customers in Edmonton to inform them about your business and what you offer, your website is a great information exchange platform. Here, you have an efficient tool to communicate your business product or services in a simple yet creative manner. Using your website, you can list your open hours, contact information, images of products or services, contact forms and so much more. 


5.     Market Expansion: Using web pages that are accessible to people all over the internet makes it possible to reach more people across geographical borders. People across the geographical divide can now search and find your company to patronize your business. Owning a business also helps you to cut down costs and deliver your products and services directly to your customers. Using your website this way reduces your business overhead cost and gives your business the competitive edge it needs.


6.     Online Customer Service: your online presence allows you to answer and interact with your customers directly. Answering questions in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) section of your website helps to reduce customer service costs and relieve your staff of stress. It also helps you save money and effectively respond to your customers.



Having a business website is a great way to grow your company reach and be visible to investors who may show interest in your brand. It helps to communicate what your business is about and what the vision of your company is focused on achieving. Investing in a good website design is one of the best decisions you can make for your business to start enjoying all the benefits a website provides.